atlanta, georgia

February 20th, 2016

Atlanta, GA /// 18 Volunteers, 30+ bags, 12 coats, 48 signs, 48 stickers = Another successful Be the Light Campaign "Hope for the Homeless" event. Be the Light Campaign is all about spreading hope and talking about the importance of mental health. Hope, Joy, and feeling Connected are all part of having a healthy mind and thought process.


We didn't just pass out items of necessity (food, water & clothing) to the homeless; we wrote them letters of encouragement & gave them journals/sketchbooks to keep their thoughts in or have a means of expressing their creative side. "Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny." - David O. McKay


Join in our next event in Greenville, SC on Saturday, April 9th at noon. If you can't make it physically, but still want to help, send us a message and we can get you involved in other ways! Donations can be made on our website


Be the light. Be the hope. Be the change.


Music: Alesso "All this Love"


And join in the movement...

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