columbus, Ohio

December 5th, 2015

The Be The Light Campaign Columbus event was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who donated items, finances or time. Your help made a difference in people's lives this weekend.


A group of 6 volunteers came together to pass out coats to those in need around Ohio State's south campus and neighboring areas. Volunteers wrote hand-written letters of encouragement, filled coat pockets with donated items such as scarves, gloves, tissues, granola bars, gum/mints, nail polish (for the ladies' coats) and more, and drove around hanging up coats. A highlight of the event was when a volunteer was able to talk to a homeless woman and personally hand her the coat. The woman was so thankful and was an emotional moment.


Be the Light's purpose is to give more than just the basic necessities to those in need. We give hope. Through letters of encouragement, non-necessity items, and personal interaction to make those less fortunate feel confident and see their own value.


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