cleveland, Ohio

April 6th, 2019

S P R E A D  H O P E + K I N D N E S S  wherever you go ✨

We had an amazing #hopeforthehomeless event in Cleveland, Ohio. 12 volunteers came together to hand out bags filled with donated toiletries, sketchbooks and hand written letters of encouragement.

These events are a series of moments. Making connections and taking the time to listen. We don’t just hand out donated items, we introduce ourselves, ask their name and shake their hand, take the time to hear there story and offer them a little bit of hope in humanity again.

To Russ, Rodney and the many others we met yesterday - keep pushing through. You are stronger than you think and so many more people care about/think about you than you realize.

Go out there and fill this world with a little more good. It’s so easy to get bogged down in your own stress and frustration - but you hold the power of your attention. Give it to someone and remind them they matter.


And join in the movement...

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