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The stronger our support systems are,
the stronger we all are.

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Our Manifesto

Where experiential design meets mental health awareness.


We explore the dynamic between the Mental Health Warrior & Ally. Knowing that a more knowledgeable, empowered & compassionate support system makes our communities stronger.

We aren’t afraid to challenge societal norms & stigmas. We ask questions and ruffle feathers to push Mental Health progress forward.

We are 100% volunteer-based and make every decision with heart. Join our team & be a part of Mental Health progress


Mental Health Gallery Exhibit

400 West Rich

Columbus, Ohio

49+ local artist work plus exhibition design with mental health statistics and resources.

"This family approached and gave me a handwritten note saying 'Give the world your talents! Life can get you down but never give up. You are stronger than you think.'  That note was one of the things that gave me the courage to leave my abusive relationship. That was the first time in as long as I could remember that I felt hope. Thank you to whoever you are, you have no idea how much you impacted my life."

Anonymous Columbus Resident from our Hope for the Homeless Event (2018)

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