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Mental Health Warrior

Mental Health Warrior is anyone who is experiencing a challenge to their mental well being or diagnosed with a mental health issue.  Mental Health Warriors recognize that they are going through their own mental health or emotional issues and are ready to find ways to win the battle.  It takes just a bit of courage to get started but if you are reading this, we know YOU ARE READY!

Know you aren’t alone and that people care!

Very first step in the battle is to know that you are not alone in this and know that there are people around you who care. Those who are close to you may already have noticed that you are going through some challenges but are hesitant to start the conversation, not knowing what to say or afraid of saying the wrong thing.  There are also people out there you do not know and haven’t actually met, yet they care so much about you and what you are going through.  Many of these Mental Health Allies are those who have actually gone through or are going through the similar struggles.  They understand or can emphasize with how you are feeling.


Seek Help

Start a conversation with someone you know who cares.  This might be a friend, a family member, or co-worker.  If you would rather not start sharing your story with people close to you, you can also start by calling 988 - the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.


Share Your Story

Your story can help someone else going through the similar situation and may help understand that they are not alone.  Or it could give them courage they needed to take the first step in getting the help they need.

Share your story with us.

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